Hi, I'm Mary Jaksch.

Thanks for stopping by!

When I meet people, the first thing I tend to ask is, "What are you passionate about?"

Because passion is the driver that makes life extraordinary.

So, you might want to ask me, "Well, what are YOU passionate about?"

I'm passionate about helping people develop their hidden talent!

You see, most people don't know how talented they are and how powerful they could be!

As you may know, I'm Editor-in-Chief of WritetoDone.com and I've guided over 4,000 bloggers to success at AlistBlogging.net. Oh, and not to forget my self-development blog, GoodlifeZEN.com.

I love the online world, and I adore creating courses that really make a difference.

And of course I love writing! :-)

My offline work is very different. I'm an authorised Zen Master and teach Zen students.

Weird, huh?

I love being fit and am a 4th degree Blackbelt in karate in very active training.

Dancing is a fun part of my life. My partner, David, is an instructor for Argentine tango, and  I enjoy wearing flimsy skirts on the dance floor.

I'm a proud mother. My lovely son, Sebastian, has turned out to be a talented writer and marketing expert in his own right.

But what about the BIG question...

What is most important in life?

I think it's being in service to others and to the world.

May this small course bring about big things for you!

- Mary Jaksch